Nicole Ek

Nicole Ek first experienced The West Linn Hairport as a young lady getting her hair done. She was a client for many years and grew up here in West Linn. After starting a family, Nicole found herself back in the workplace. The West Linn Hairport was thrilled to add her to our staff as our salon coordinator. From the day she started, she has made a big impact on the way our schedules flow, the care she gives our guests, and the positive attitude she brings into the salon everyday.

These last few years Nicole has had to take a step back from the salon to be a wonderful and strong mother. Her daughter, Emme, is now a cancer survivor and is working everyday to get stronger and healthier. Emme is now back in school, which has allowed Nicole to come back to work. The Hairport is so excited to have their fun loving, hardworking, organized, and beautiful salon coordinator back at work everyday!

Salon Coordinator